155 Reasons: Frankie Edgar Video Series

Topics: MMA Lifestyle

This Frankie Edgar video series follows Edgar in the lead-up to his anticipated rematch with UFC Lightweight Champion Ben Henderson. A variety of topics are discussed throughout the three video parts, such as whether he sees himself ever dropping in weight down to 145 pounds, how does he feel about the first fight with Henderson, and more. There are three videos to the series, and together they make up “155 Reasons.” The first video is called “155 Reasons In Defeat,” the second is called “How It All Began,” and the third and final video is called “Having A Mentor and Being A Mentor.” For those of you who cannot wait to see Edgar and Henderson duke it out again to determine the 155-pound champion, take a peek at this Frankie Edgar video series in the meantime to amp up for fight night on August 11th.

Episode 1 – 155 Reasons In Defeat

Episode 2 – How It All Began

Episode 3 – Having A Mentor and Being A Mentor

Episode 4 – Legalizing MMA in New York

Episode 5 – Wrestling vs. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Episode 6 – Legalizing MMA in New York

Episode 7 – Joining Team Gaspari

Episode 8 – Fighter vs. Father