Aeon MMA “FYI” and “Hazardous Mats” Shirts

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Aeon MMA is making their presence known in the MMA apparel industry, pushing out designs pumped up with style and integrity, cool color combinations, and superior artistry. Building on their Casual Friday design, they introduce the Hazardous Mats and FYI tees, bursting with visually stunning graphics. “Hazardous Mats” features the Brazilian flag, Portuguese writing, and the metaphor “The ground is an ocean, where I am a shark, and most people can’t even swim” printed on the back, leaving no doubt as to what the shirt’s theme is about. “FYI” is a more simplistic design, with refreshing, clean cut visuals. Aeon’s moniker, “Always Dangerous,” makes an appearance, as well as their hazardous logo and “Aeon Fight Team” on the back. Get noticed in Aeon’s intriguing design, while making a statement about your support for this sport.

Aeon FYI Shirt | Front & Back View

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Aeon Hazardous Mats Shirt | Front & Back View

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