Affliction American Customs Wordskull Board Shorts

Topics: MMA Clothing

Affliction continues to build steam within the MMA apparel industry this spring, lifting their ranks and becoming a true authority when it comes to creative designs and artistry in their flattering new collections. Among those collections are this year’s shorts, including their Micro, Spray Paint, Bolt, and Live Fast designs. The newest off the line this spring is their American Customs Wordskull Boardshorts, which feature a stunning design forming the image of a large skull on the side of the short. In true American Customs tradition, the background is no plain Jane; instead, they feature a bold horizontal stripe theme, with a contrasting white waist and a ruby red logo on the right leg. Dare to be different this spring with Affliction’s newest and boldest shorts design yet.

Affliction American Customs Wordskull Boardshorts

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