Affliction Cain Velasquez UFC 160 Bundle

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As the month of May stretches on, Affliction puts together a sweet set of Cain Velasquez shirts for fans of the champ ahead of his UFC 160 title defense against Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva. This Affliction Cain Velasquez UFC 160 bundle features two team shirts, his pride shirt, and of course, his walkout shirt for the upcoming event. From laid-back red, white, and black to bolder and brighter Mexican-themed colors, these tees represent the champ and his hard-working, get it done attitude. Pick up all four of these slick Cain Velasquez shirts together to inject a wave of style into your summer wardrobe, and save a few bucks while you’re at it.

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Affliction Cain Velasquez UFC 160 Bundle

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