Affliction Cain Velasquez UFC 180 Heritage Hoodie

Topics: MMA Clothing
As The Ultimate Fighter:  Latin America keeps rolling, Affliction begins to prepare for the season’s culmination at UFC 180 with a stellar Cain Velasquez Hoodie that shows off his Latin heritage.  The change of the seasons also makes the timing of this new piece even more impeccable.  The Affliction Cain Velasquez UFC 180 Heritage Hoodie is just that:  a colorful, stylish tribute to Cain’s Mexican roots. The design boasts the green, red, and white colors of the nation’s flag over a black background while also showing off brand logos in a smart, minimalistic way.  Whether you’re looking for a little more coverage for your morning jogs this fall, or you need a little more variety when it comes to choosing something to wear when heading out with friends to watch the next big MMA event, this new Cain Velasquez Hoodie from Affliction is just the thing you’ve been looking for.
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