Affliction Georges St-Pierre “GSP Battle” Shirt

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With Georges St-Pierre sidelined due to an injury he incurred during training, UFC fans are clamoring for his return to the welterweight division. Affliction won’t let this small detour derail them from designing another shirt to add to their GSP signature series, though. After the recent release and success of the GSP Seal shirt, Affliction unleashes the GSP Battle tee to signify GSP’s urgency to return to battle and defend the belt. The design features a distressed Affliction graphic accompanied by two falcon birds preparing for combat with a traditional stare down. Affliction always delivers with amazing quality, which is showcased here with reverse seam details and whipstitch accents. If you can’t wait for “Rush” to get back into the Octagon, here is one way you can help ease the pain by sporting his newest shirt by Affliction.

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Affliction GSP Battle Shirt | Front View

Affliction GSP Battle Shirt | Back View

Affliction GSP Battle Shirt | Front Graphic View

Affliction GSP Battle Shirt | Bottom Side View

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