Affliction GSP Seal Shirt

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Georges “Rush” St-Pierre has been on the shelf for awhile now, but he will soon be back in action defending his title against the winner of the much-anticipated Nick Diaz vs. Carlos Condit matchup taking place in just a couple of weeks from now. Affliction has released a new GSP design in anticipation for the popular champion’s Octagon return, called the Seal tee. Affliction boasts an eye-catching design, available in black or white. An eagle appears in the center, encircled by Affiliction Georges St-Pierre text. His signature fleur de lis shows at the right collar, and GSP appears with a Canadian maple leaf surrounding the S on the front and left shoulder. The back boasts a Canadian flag design, with Affliction, GSP, and Team Rush text. This new design is a must-have for any GSP fan!

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Seal Shirt - Black - Front

GSP Seal Shirt - White - Front

GSP Seal Shirt - Black - Back

GSP Seal Shirt - White - Back

GSP Seal Shirt - Black - Left Sleeve

GSP Seal Shirt - White - Right Sleeve

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