Affliction Shirts Winter 2013 Lookbook, Part 1

Topics: MMA Clothing

As the winter season stretches on, a fresh batch of Affliction shirts are unleashed to help us fans look our best on fight night. Affliction takes a walk on the dark side with this winter collection, with shirts such as Death Dreamer, Wicked, Death Cross, and Creeps. They also incorporate a lot of their performance tees, which utilize contour stripes along key muscle areas to add visual intrigue to the designs. Performance designs in this collection include Strike Burn, Divio Shockwave, Couture Concept, Team GSP, GSP Concept, Team Couture, and Team Performance. Some of Affliction’s popular old school style creeps into the collection as well, in the case of their AC Revolutionary and Memphis designs. Go ahead and check out the full collection, and be sure to scoop up your favorite Affliction shirts with an exciting year of fights ahead.

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