Affliction Signature Series Randy Couture Patriot Shirt

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This Randy Couture shirt from Affliction’s Signature Series, called “Patriot,” displays Couture’s affinity for his nickname among fans as “Captain America.”  He was deemed Captain America because everyone loves Randy Couture.  He is loyal to the sport, his fans, and he is always respectful and did his talking in the Octagon.  This shirt shows that idea, with its red, white, and blue theme.  The material is 100% 30/single cotton, and it is an athletic fit with a crew neck.  The fabric is grinded, which gives it a softer feel, and the graphics are done with a lava wash.  The Affliction logo appears right under the neckline, with a large fleur de lis showing in red in the center.  A U.S. flag design is used as the background, and is shown as a symmetrical design coming out of the center.  The back features another Affliction logo, and Randy “The Natural” Couture with another red fleur de lis. 

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