Brand Battle: Affliction Vs. HeadRush at UFC 154

Topics: MMA Lifestyle

As the highly anticipated UFC 154 event edges closer, its main event competitors Georges St-Pierre and Carlos Condit are shoved even further into the spotlight. Their respective walkout shirts are ready for the action that is sure to come, packing attitude and style that matches the hype given to this spectacular champion vs. champion matchup. In Condit’s corner, we have his Headrush walkout shirt, a signature design focusing on his ‘Natural Born Killer’ moniker. The other corner reveals GSP’s signature Affliction shirt, available in both men’s and women’s versions. With great designs coming from each end of the spectrum, who will you go with on fight night? Will it be Affliction and GSP, or Headrush and Carlos Condit for the win?

HeadRush Vs. Affliction at UFC 154

Affliction GSP Vs. HeadRush Carlos Condit Walkout Shirts