Affliction Women’s Cain Velasquez UFC 180 Walkout Shirt

Topics: MMA Clothing
The inaugural season of The Ultimate Fighter:  Latin America continues to make history, and along with it comes a lot of excitement over the season’s culminating event.  In honor of the main event, Affliction releases a women’s version of their Cain Velasquez walkout shirt that will have us lady fans looking smooth when the champ faces off against Fabricio Werdum to defend his title.  Featuring the same dual flag design as the official walkout tee and awesome camo version, this Affliction Women’s Cain Velasquez UFC 180 Walkout Shirt promises that you’ll have heads turning in your direction no matter where you go to watch the fights.  The slim fit, vintage look, and scoop neck cut make this Cain Velasquez Walkout Shirt a must-have for female fans of the champ, and now is the perfect time to add this thrilling piece to your fall collection.
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