Sinful Women’s Inked Shirt

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Women’s MMA clothing gets a vibrant boost this summer with a must-have Affliction women’s shirt, which is actually based on tattoo art, to the joy of many female MMA fans. The shirt, simply called “Inked,” features a colorful, creative design printed on a sleek slim fit tee that screams summer style. Their women’s brand name “Sinful” appears at the top in loopy, abstract bubble lettering, with “Forever” showing across a banner at the bottom. The vivid artwork mostly consists of breathtaking roses, with a heart in the center and a dagger going through it. For those badass lady fight fans who love MMA style with a womanly touch, this Affliction women’s shirt is for you.

Sinful Women's Inked Shirt
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Sinful Women's Inked Shirt

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