American Fighter Freedom Board Shorts

Topics: MMA Clothing

American Fighter merges old school with new in the release of their fresh collection of MMA shorts for this spring/summer season. Among them is the Freedom board shorts, which incorporate a fun blue and yellow color scheme that just happens to match that of the Swedish flag, where the UFC will be making its debut very soon. In fact, if you’re really looking forward to the event, Alexander Gustafsson’s walkout shirt would match perfectly with these vibrant shorts. The graphics almost evoke a military vibe, with block text and “Training Division Worldwide” stamped across the leg and an “American Fighter Training Division” seal on the other leg. Whether you’re really looking forward to the UFC in Sweden, or you love this straightforward design, now is the time to pick up these fun shorts in anticipation of the warmer weather soon to come.

American Fighter Freedom Boardshorts

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