American Fighter Shirts Icon Tri-Blend Women’s Baby Tee

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American Fighter shirts are becoming more and more popular in the MMA community; they are becoming better known among fans of this great sport.  Their designs, for both men and women, are refreshing and eye-catching.  American Fighter shirts are not simply a logo hit with a scribbled design around it, like some other MMA clothing companies are starting to produce.  Their clothing is intriguing and creative.  Another kudos for the growing company:  they truly “get” MMA fans and what they want out of their clothing.  For example, this is what American Fighter lists on their website, in their “About Us” section:  “American Fighter is a premium athletic lifestyle brand inspired by the proud heritage of those who have risen against all odds to claim victory.”  This Icon Tri-Blend Women’s Baby Tee is a perfect example of their work at hand.  The front is a simple “American Fighter” logo with stars and a logo hit on the right and left of the collar, respectively.  The back is appealing, with an outline of an eagle with three stars on the top and bottom of the design.  An American Fighter logo hit lies in the center.  American Fighter shirts are simple, yet attractive, which are qualities that women want in their MMA clothing!

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