Bad Boy Limited Edition Shogun Vale Tudo Shorts

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As Bad Boy celebrates their training gear company of the year award for the second year in a row, they release these limited edition Vale Tudo shorts.  These are a limited edition, and a replica of the same shorts that Shogun Rua was seen wearing in his fight against Mark Coleman.  The iconic Bad Boy eyes appear on the rear, and Bad Boy, Brazil, and Shogun labels appear across the entire surface.  Made in Brazil since 1994, the quality is unsurpassed.  With Shogun recently coming off of one of the best fights in UFC/MMA history, now is the time to pick up a pair of these limited edition shorts as support for the former Light Heavyweight champion.  An added plus for wearing the Vale Tudo style shorts?  Your opponents won’t be able to grab your shorts to use as an advantage!

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