Bad Boy MMA Hand Wraps, 3 Pack

Topics: MMA Gear

These Bad Boy hand wraps are perfect for use in mixed martial arts; protecting your hands is a very important thing in MMA.  Bad Boy makes some very durable MMA fight gear; these hand wraps are no different.  Besides getting a durable product, you’ll save money by buying a 3 pack.  They are made from 100% cotton, and they are woven.  They are also machine washable and incredibly durable; they will last a very long time.  The measurements are 2” x 108”, and they include a thumb loop with a Velcro closure.  This is a convenience factor, making the task of wrapping easier and more secure.  The Bad Boy MMA logo appears with their signature eyes on each wrap.  These Bad Boy hand wraps can be used both in training and in both professional and amateur competition; pick up this 3 pack and you’ll never have to buy hand wraps again.

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