Bad Boy MMA Starter Kit

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For eager future mixed martial artists, getting started can be a cinch with this great MMA starter kit from Bad Boy.  The kit includes MMA grappling gloves, focus targets, and a jump rope.  The MMA fight gear comes in red and black, with white Bad Boy logos on each piece.  The grappling gloves have a closed palm design, which is well suited for both grappling and striking workouts.  They are highly durable, and built with premium synthetic leather that won’t wear down.  The lining is bonded with moisture wicking material to reduce odor and also prevent the foam from breaking down.  The padding is double-layered, and combines EVA foam with Gel Fusion technology to create comfort and protection.  The focus targets are made with the same moisture wicking material, and they are adjustable.  The jump rope is made of polyurethane, and the handles are ABS.  Altogether, it’s the perfect MMA starter kit for a beginner.

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