Bad Boy Pro Series MMA Ankle Wraps (4 Colors)

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These Bad Boy Pro Series MMA ankle wraps are specially designed to create friction during training, as well as prevent injuries by stabilizing your foot and ankle muscles.  Ankle wraps are important for any sport, but MMA can benefit from their use especially, with all of the intricate movements necessary for all of the different disciplines employed by fighters today.  These ankle wraps are part of Bad Boy’s Pro Series, which actually won the World MMA Award in 2010 for best technical clothing.  The wraps actually help prevent you from rolling your ankles as well, thanks to their slip on design.  The design is made with material that stretches vertically, but not horizontally, preventing ankle rolls.  Bad Boy offers 4 different colors of these essential ankle wraps:  black, black/red, black/white, and black/yellow.  Train with both function and style with these Bad Boy Pro Series MMA ankle wraps.

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