Bad Boy Pro Series Walkout Zip Hoodies

Topics: MMA Clothing

Bad Boy MMA releases two walkout zip hoodies that incorporate a classic bad boy style and feel while keeping you warm during a training workout or while you make that walk to the world-famous Octagon. The first pro series walkout hoodie has the famously recognized Bad Boy eyes logo – front and center – on black or grey colors. The back showcases the pro series design with the top 3 MMA country’s flags from around the world, such as the United States, Brazil, and Japan. Bad Boy has made their reputation on quality MMA apparel and eye catching designs that leave a lasting impression. The next piece in Bad Boy’s winter clothing arsenal is the “Stamp” hoodie, which utilizes a simple design with a bright orange color throughout the front and back, which pops in contrast to the black base color. The back of this brilliantly crafted sweatshirt symbolizes Bad Boy’s “First in Fight” mentality with a circular Pro series Bad Boy concept. Wearing the Bad Boy brand makes a bold statement to the level of success you’re entitled to accomplishing by pairing yourself with one of the best MMA apparel companies in the industry.

Bad Boy Pro Series Zip Hoodie | Black | Front & Back View

Bad Boy Pro Series Zip Hoodie | Grey | Front & Back View

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Bad Boy Pro Series Stamp Zip Hoodie | Front & Back View

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