Bad Boy Shogun Icon Shirt

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Originally planned as a UFC fan expo exclusive, the Bad Boy Shogun Icon shirt made huge waves with both Shogun and Bad Boy fans alike at the recent expo preceding the UFC 148 event from Las Vegas. The clean, simplistic design delivers a historical emphasis on the chief military commanders of Japan. The word “shogun” comes from the Japanese words sho, meaning “commander,” and gun, or “troops.” With a premium grey, athletic heather color and a Shogun warrior front and center, it is similar in appearance to the legendary Samurai. If you’ve been waiting around just hoping that Bad Boy was listening to your pleas to release the shirt for the public, then your voice has been heard and you can now add this one-of-a-kind shirt to your MMA clothing repertoire.

“Thanks to the outpouring of support for the design, we went ahead and added the Shogun Icon tee to the line. Your feedback and input made this possible.” – Bad Boy

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Bad Boy Shogun Icon Shirt


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