Ben Henderson Training Camp Shirt

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As UFC 150 comes nearer, Dethrone unveils a Ben Henderson shirt designed specifically for his training camp leading up to the upcoming rematch with Frankie Edgar. True to ‘Smooth’ form, this tee boasts a unique, somewhat retro style that manages to remain simple as well as exciting. Henderson’s ‘Smooth’ moniker stands out in the center, showing off sleek cursive text with a distinct old school vibe. The vibrant turquoise color adds quite a punch, and added with the bold block lettering on both sides, this Ben Henderson shirt easily becomes another standout design from the creative folks at Dethrone Royalty. ‘Smooth’ fans should be sure to pick up one of these training camp tees in addition to his walkout tee in the week leading up to the fight to support the UFC Lightweight Champion.

Dethrone Ben Henderson Training Camp Shirt
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Dethrone Ben Henderson Training Camp Shirt


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