Best of UFC on FOX 4

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The recent UFC on FOX 4 event was full of fireworks, as anyone who was watching knows. Looking back on the action from the event, we look at not only the best fights, but everything else that made the event special. For instance, which fighters had the best walkout shirts from the evening, who was the best sponsor, and what was the overall best MMA apparel brand of the night, etc. FighterStyle will look at four of these categories and provide our opinion on the best of the best from UFC on FOX 4 last weekend, and we will continue to delve deeper into the events to come as well. So here are the best and we would like to hear from you about who you think the best or worst was in the comments below.

Best Walkout Shirts:

Fear the Fighter Joe Lauzon Walkout Shirt
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Fear the Fighter Joe Lauzon Walkout Shirt

Venum Kanji Rain Lyoto Machida Signature Shirt
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Lyoto Machida Walkout Shirt for UFC on FOX 4 | Black

Best Sponsor:

Lyoto Machida – Tineacide Fungus Killer

Best Brand:

Best Fight Shorts:

Venum Lyoto Machida "Lyoto Origins" Fight Shorts Brazil Edition
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Venum Lyoto Origins Fight Shorts | Brazil Edition


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