BJJ Life Spring 2012 Shirt Collection

Topics: MMA Clothing

BJJ Life is a company making a name for themselves in the mixed martial arts community as of late, with Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu inspired designs that lovers of the sport everywhere can relate to. By using bold colors, contrasting textures, and a strong message, their collection of spring 2012 tees are anything but ordinary. Included in the set are the Scribble, Asahi A-Pop Type.1, Asahi A-Pop Type.3, and Tones shirts. This set of tees embody the hard working lifestyle of Jiu-Jitsu competitors as well as mixed martial artists, using sketch text, abstract logos, and eye-catching shadow effects to get their message across. Join the movement today with your very own BJJ inspired tee from BJJ Life.

BJJ Life Scribble Shirt

BJJ Life Asahi A-Pop Type.1 Shirt

BJJ Life Asahi A-Pop Type.3 shirt

BJJ Life Tones Shirt

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