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Roots of Fight will be paying tribute to the highly touted Black House MMA camp with a couple of new shirt and sweatshirt designs soon, showing off their stacked talent and never-say-die attitude. Among the releases will be the Black House Insignia sweatshirt and the Black House Icon shirt, both of which are given a preview here. Both designs will feature the camp’s bold, intricate logo, with differences to the rest of the overall style. Roots of Fight has many other tribute tees, such as those for Academia Gracie, Eddie Bravo, and Muhammad Ali, however this is their first design paying homage to a specific MMA training camp. With world-class fighters such as Anderson Silva, Big Nog, Lyoto Machida and more, keep yourself posted to FighterStyle for more information about when these new pieces will be available for purchase.

Black House Insignia Sweatshirt

Black House Insignia Sweatshirt Preview

Black House Icon Shirt

Black House Icon Shirt Preview

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