Brain Pad MMA Mouthguard 3XS Tri Thermo

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Brain Pad unleashes their newest and most tricked-out MMA mouthguard yet.  This 3XS Tri Thermo is the Rolls Royce of mouthguards, including many technological features that reduce the risk of injury and concussion.  The high-impact gel inserts offer a new fit, which improves the feel and functionality.  It also offers a softer, more comfortable feel when clenching, which gives the wearer more power, balance, and injury protection.  Other new features include a wrap-around front bumper, which protects against lateral impacts, and tapered channel ends eliminate the need for trimming.  The tri-thermoplastic design cushions, secures, and stabilizes the lower jaw.  This model is tested and proven to reduce impact energy to the base of the skull and to the brain by 40%.  The guard protects and covers both upper and lower braces, and allows increased free breathing.  It comes with a newly designed anti-microbial hard storage case.  Protect yourself against injury and concussion with this great new model MMA mouthguard from Brain Pad.

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