Brand Battle: TapouT Jim Miller vs Metal Mulisha Nate Diaz

Topics: MMA Lifestyle

This weekend will host not only an epic battle between the two tough, relentless UFC lightweights Jim Miller and Nate Diaz, but also between the clean-cut MMA apparel veteran TapouT and relative newcomer, Metal Mulisha. Out of the left corner, we have Jim Miller and his TapouT My Fight Matters shirt, worn to raise money for his nephew Daniel’s PKD Foundation. This shirt embodies the heart and soul of a fighter, showing that every fight matters in the grand scheme of things. Out of the right corner, we have Nate Diaz and his Stockton-tough walkout tee from Metal Mulisha, which reflects on Diaz’s grind, learned on the hard streets of Stockton, CA. We shall see who reigns supreme in a mere day from now, and when the time comes, whose walkout shirt are you wearing?

TapouT Jim Miller vs Metal Mulisha Nate Diaz

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