Bruce Lee Jeet Kune Do Shirt

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[letercaps]R[/letercaps]oots of Fight matches their JKD hoodie with a Bruce Lee shirt carrying the same name and design, giving us fans of the brilliant martial artist yet another style option to choose from. JKD, short for Jeet Kune Do, is represented in this stellar design, recognizing Lee for the innovative fighter that he was. Before MMA was MMA, there was JKD, and Roots of Fight tributes the “Way of the Intercepting Fist” in the form of a comfy cotton tee perfect for the summer weather ahead. Besides the widely recognized iconic photo on the front, this Bruce Lee shirt also utilizes intriguing Chinese symbols and Bloodlines text to create a visual work of art that every MMA fan should be proud to wear.

Roots of Fight Jeet Kune Do Shirt
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Roots of Fight Jeet Kune Do Shirt

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