Chael Sonnen UFC on FOX Sports 1 Walkout Recap

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Walkout Shirt

TapouT has sponsored Chael for quite some time now with some memorable walkout shirt designs.   The TapouT Chael Sonnen “Everyday I Fight” Walkout Shirt is no different with a catchy slogan that fits the American Gangster’s willingness to fight anyone, anytime, anyplace.  The walkout shirt is simple and clean in design but delivers a strong message that will resonate with fighters and fans of the sport.

TapouT Chael Sonnen UFC on Fox 1 Walkout Shirt - Black

TapouT Chael Sonnen UFC on Fox 1 Walkout Shirt – Black     
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Walkout Song

Sonnen always comes out looking confident and fierce while he makes his way to the Octagon.   At UFC on FOX Sports 1 he made his way through the crowd to the song: “Too much fun” by Daryle Singletary.  This Walkout Song seems to be a pretty fitting tune for the likes of Chael P. Sonnen, primarily because he has always looked at fighting from a different light then most other fighters.  He finds middle ground between taking the fight seriously and having fun while doing it.

Crowd Reaction

Whether you love or hate him, The American Gangster is a huge draw in the world of Mixed Martial Arts.  With his quick wits and bold personality he makes for some of the funniest moments in all of UFC history.  The crowd was surprising melow when Sonnen started his walkout to the Octagon.  Some fans were booing and others were cheering.  It’s no secret that Sonnen has made some enemies in Brazil and when he takes on an opponent from this country it always equates to an interesting reception whether it’s at the weigh-ins or during his walkout.

Walkout Video

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