Contract Killer Limited Edition Brazil Rashguard

Topics: MMA Clothing

Contract Killer understands the importance of protecting your skin while you vigorously work on your Brazilian Jiu Jitsu skills in the gym. This is why CK focuses their well-known skills to create some of the best rashguards on the market today, such as their previous stained black design. Offering a classic intuitive design that will have your training partners asking, “where did you get your rashguard?” This premium rashguard is a limited production piece that truly delivers amazing comfort, sublimated graphics and a top of the line 4-way stretch with flat stitching design. The green and yellow color scheme brings a bold flavor to your training regimen and continuously reminds you to take your training to the next level. Contract Killer has this rashguard in two styles – short sleeve or long sleeve – to give you the variance in coverage you need for modern day MMA training.

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Contract Killer Short and Long Sleeve Brazil Rashguard | Front & Back View

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