Contract Killer Short and Long Sleeve Stained Rashguards

Topics: MMA Gear

Contract Killer boasts some of the best MMA rashguards in the game, with semi-flashy designs and amazing comfort, durability, and strength built into their construction. One of their most popular models is the Stained design, which we provide here as the full collection, including both colors of long sleeve and short sleeve versions. Featuring a classy shield logo front and center, with a modern CK graphic on the right shoulder and a stained graphic on the left, this great design is perfect for everyday training. This rashguard is made in the USA, with 4-way stretch fabric and flat stitching to provide comfort and top tier performance. Whether you choose black or white, long sleeve or short sleeve, do your training a favor by adding a new rashguard to your equipment collection.

Contract Killer Stained White Rashguard

Contract Killer Stained Black Rashguard

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