Contract Killer Spring Shirt Collection

Topics: MMA Clothing

Contract Killer brings some flair to the party with their bright new Spring t-shirts, showing off killer style with attractive graphics. With the ever-growing MMA apparel market, a resilient brand must continue to push out attractive designs that fans must have, and that’s what Contract Killer continues to do. These Spring tees include their Kau Kau, Adaptor and Lutar designs, which are contemporary and appealing to today’s MMA fans. The Kau Kau’s bright colors and shadowed rippling graphics hold intrigue, and the classy cursive writing on the back really hits the theme home. The Adaptor brings your inner fight spirt to life with a “Fightlife” design that delivers on creativity and color flow. The Lutar shirt is fascinating, with a lot going on in the layout. With the Latin writing, calming colors, and regal graphics, this design is one that is sure to please. Pick up both of them today, and wear them for the upcoming MMA events; you’ll be the envy of everyone.

Contract Killer Kau Kau Shirt | Front & Back View

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Contract Killer Adaptor Shirt | Front & Back View

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Contract Killer Lutar Shirt | Front & Back View

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