Dethrone Royalty Anticrown Beanie

Topics: MMA Clothing

Dethrone Royalty Brand has emerged as a leader in fighter walkout tees and known for offering intriguing MMA apparel for fight fans everywhere. Some of their high profile sponsored fighters have had success as of late, such as Lavar Johnson, Ed Herman, and Josh Koscheck. Many of their designs are called Anticrown, such as their popular Anticrown hoodie, whose designs feature little more than the brand logo. Despite the lack of involved graphics, Dethrone’s popularity is on the rise, because their simple sophistication is refreshing. The beanie is a perfect example of that ideal, featuring a simple anticrown logo in the center of the front. The red and white border lines add interest; this beanie would be a perfect match for most of your MMA apparel pieces.

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Dethrone Royalty Anticrown Beanie | Front View

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