Dethrone Royalty Serpent Brigade Zip Hoodie

Topics: MMA Clothing

Dethrone has delivered meaningful and stylish designs throughout their long and lustrous history of creating MMA clothing. They continue to impress with the newest addition to their apparel line of full zip hoodies with the top quality classic black and white “Serpent Brigade” fleece sweatshirt. Preserving their branded theme of royalty, the front displays a castle with an overlying Dethrone Royalty and underlying “Overthrow Status Quo” text. The back is truly fascinating by showcasing two legendary serpent dragons overthrowing a castle of royalty in a time of myth and mystery. After much success with Dethrone’s previous hoodie, “Smooth Angel,” we can be sure to look forward to their future MMA apparel designs.

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Dethrone Royalty Serpent Brigade Zip Hoodie | Front & Back View

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