Dethrone Royalty Spring 2012 Shirts, Part I

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Dethrone Royalty is back at it again with a second installment of their Spring 2012 collection of inspired MMA tees. Their new designs are some of their most diverse ideas to date, and the fresh perspectives are both fierce and refreshing. Included in the collection are the following designs: Warrior, Taking Over, Serpent Brigade (also comes in a hoodie), Mayday, and D Anticrown. A battle-inspired warrior and Kanji symbols grace the front of the Warrior shirt, which is an apt design for MMA fans, who yearn to display their love for the sport. Extending that theme, but adding a comic book type of feeling, is the Taking Over design, which features a sword stabbing the globe with a retro logo over the top. “Serpent Brigade” pushes Dethrone’s creativity to the brink with “Overthrow Status Quo” and two growling dragons with a castle on the horizon, which befits Dethrone’s “Royalty” theme. Continuing the inspiration is their Mayday design, which is UFC standout Michael “Mayday” McDonald’s signature tee, which features his moniker in the center and a shadowed logo front and center, along with an inspiring quote towards the bottom. “D Anticrown” finishes out the newest collection with a simple, sporty design featuring the letter “D” and Dethrone’s signature anticrown logo on the front, with a shield on the sleeve. Show your true warrior spirit by sporting one (or more) of these inspiring tees in the lead up to the next big MMA event.

Dethrone Warrior Shirt | Front & Back View

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Dethrone Taking Over Shirt | Front & Back View

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Dethrone Serpent Brigade Shirt | Front & Back View

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Dethrone Mayday Shirt | Front & Back View

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Dethrone D Anticrown Shirt | Front & Back View

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