Dethrone ‘Return to Glory’ Shirt Preview

Topics: MMA Clothing

A slick new Dethrone shirt design is coming soon as a tribute to UFC 155, and the teaser photos reveal that the graphics pay homage to former UFC Heavyweight Champion Cain Velasquez. Even its name refers to Velasquez and his illustrious career, with ‘Return to Glory’ referencing his reign atop the division, and his quest to recapture that status. UFC 155 will provide just such an opportunity, with a main event matchup between Velasquez and division champion Junior Dos Santos. White, red, and green color accents within the shirt’s main design are a tribute to the Mexican heritage Cain is so proud of, and the center features a striking image of a hooded skeleton in a praying position. If you can’t wait for these lightening-fast heavyweights to collide at UFC 155, be sure to pick up this Dethrone shirt when it becomes available ahead of the event, and represent the former champ as he fights to regain the title.

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