Dethrone Shirts Summer 2012 Lookbook, Part 1

Topics: MMA Clothing

Dethrone has started 2012 with quite a bang, introducing waves 1 and part 2 of their spring tees, a walkout shirt collection, and now their summer 2012 collection is here as well. These new pieces from Dethrone seem to each carry a theme, whether it’s humor, or revenge, or honor. The tees included in this set are Redemption, Flying D, The Bird 2.0, Mayday, Base Camp, Dark Eagle, Super Sport, Incredible Cain, Brand Inc., and Cracked Castle. They really offer an option for every occasion, whether you’re looking for an intricate, busy design that will allow you to stand out, or a funny tee that will make people laugh, or even just a simple logo tee, you’re in luck because you’ll find it in Dethrone’s summer 2012 shirt collection.

















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