Dethrone Shirts Summer 2012 Lookbook, Part 3

Topics: MMA Clothing

A variety of Dethrone shirts have been unveiled this summer, and before the season ends, here are a few more for the road, including a couple of signature designs perfect for hyping upcoming fights. This third wave of Dethrone’s fabulous summer collection features a Vintage Cain shirt, along with Rock of Cain 2, Going Down, 1st in Fight, Mayday 3.0, and few others. This set of tees covers a wide range of styles, from the clean, simplistic vision of the Going Down and 1st in Fight designs to the intricate detail seen in the Vintage Cain and Rock of Cain 2 designs. Whether you want to dress down or dress up for the exciting fights yet to come, take a peek at these new Dethrone shirts to decide which ones to add to your awesome MMA apparel collection.