Ecko MMA Battle Hoodie

Topics: MMA Clothing

A new Ecko hoodie called “Battle” is here, and it is battle-tested and ready to go. This comfortable pullover style features maximum comfort along with its bold, fight-worthy style. The cotton/fleece blend makes for a snug interior that is both warm and happily soft, perfect for the imminent autumn weather. The design itself features some distressed and soft print, and even some flashy red foil accents to add visual intrigue. “Battle Tested” appears on the front, along with a chain and some flashy Ecko MMA logos that would stand out in a crowd. The lower back continues this badass theme with another set of logos, rounding out this Ecko hoodie with some oomph. Be sure to pick one up for yourself, and start off this fall with an MMA-inspired bang.

Ecko Unltd. Battle Popover Hoodie
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Ecko Unltd. Battle Popover Hoodie