Ecko MMA Stencil Fight Shorts

Topics: MMA Clothing

Ecko MMA designs their stencil fight shorts addition to their expanding lineup of MMA apparel. The design throughout the Ecko Unltd. MMA logo has a bold stencil appearance with abstract paint blotches on the foreground. The shorts feature a tie waistband with velcro closure for a just right fit. Recently releasing the spring 2012 shirt collection, Ekco looks to embrace the art of fight short engineering. Fight shorts are an important part of everyday MMA training, and come fight night you’ll want to know you can count on your shorts to be durable, yet flexible with your movements and physical abuse. Available in baby blue and red, these classic colors are an excellent start to the future of MMA Apparel from Ecko MMA.

Ecko MMA Stencil Fight Shorts | Baby Blue

Ecko MMA Stencil Fight Shorts | Red

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