Ecko Unltd MMA Spring 2012 Shirt Collection, Part I

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Ecko Unltd is making waves in the MMA apparel market this Spring, flipping the script on MMA tees and providing a fresh new line for the first phase of this new year. After introducing the Dedication shirt, the first half of this two-part Spring collection will feature the Unstoppable, Tagged Up, and Rhino Grande designs. Featuring unique color combinations and graphic concepts, these new tees are a fan’s dream when it comes to choosing good-looking, yet uncomplicated MMA apparel. The theme within their new collection is to be unstoppable, with many of the tees featuring text such as “We Can’t Be Stopped,” and “Unstoppable,” among others. Become unstoppable with Ecko Unltd’s Spring collection of MMA tees.


Ecko Unltd Unstoppable Shirt

Ecko Unltd Unstoppable Shirt | Blue & Black | Front & Back

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Ecko Unltd Tagged Up Shirt

Ecko Unltd Tagged Up Shirt | Red & Black | Front & Back

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Ecko Unltd Rhino Grande Shirt

Ecko Unltd Rhino Grande Shirt | Front & Back

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