Elevation High Altitude Training Mask

Topics: MMA Gear

Get unsurpassed performance from your training sessions by adding this training mask into your repertoire.  Especially for mixed martial arts, cardiovascular endurance is a substantially important part of a fighter’s skill set, and this mask allows you to increase your endurance during training.  Pulmonary resistance is created when wearing this revolutionary mask, which actually gives your lungs some type of exercise, to make them stronger.  As time goes on, you’ll be able to train harder, longer, and with more intensity, which will carry over into fights as well.  It includes three nozzles that give you the control to regulate the oxygen levels and intensity that you desire.  This useful piece of MMA gear also increases your lung capacity, anaerobic thresholds, energy level, and stamina, among other aspects as well.  Any athlete serious about mixed martial arts should make the most of every training session with this innovative training mask.

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