Everlast EverGel Mantis Focus Mitts

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Everlast Equipment steps up their game with their EverGel technology, which they use in many pieces of their popular equipment, including various types of gloves, mitts, and the like. Their Mantis focus mitts incorporate this groundbreaking gel material into the construction, which gives the ability to dissipate the impact energy to keep your hands protected during training. The lining is anti-microbial and moisture absorbent, which both protects your hands and the mitts from wear and tear. Other features include a mesh back, Everhide construction, a new Mantis shape, and a padded wrist support. With these great features these mitts are some of the best looking designs on the market. Pick up a pair today to up your game in training.

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Everlast EverGel Mantis Focus Mitts

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