Fear The Fighter Jiu Jitsu Shirt

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Fear the Fighter gives a nod to one of the most important bases of Mixed Martial Arts in this Jiu Jitsu shirt. This somewhat retro, distressed design pays respect to the honorable discipline with a well put together set of graphics that symbolize the sport without over-complicating things. A sun graphic along with Japanese symbols and their token “Strength, Courage, Honor” tagline at the bottom are put together with sleek FTF logos and “Never Surrender” at the bottom to create a truly balanced, stunning t-shirt. Any grappling fan can appreciate the thought that went into this artful Jiu Jitsu shirt by Fear the Fighter. With quite a few MMA events coming up this summer/fall, pick yours up today to watch your favorite BJJ artists in style.

Fear the Fighter Jiu Jitsu Shirt
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Fear the Fighter Jiu Jitsu Shirt

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