Brand Battle: Fear the Fighter vs Dethrone

Topics: MMA Lifestyle

A couple of bold UFC walkout shirts will grace the Octagon on August 11th for the main event of UFC 150 in Denver, Colorado. On one side of the Octagon, we have Frankie Edgar sponsored by Fear the Fighter, a company that has been around for awhile, but recently has made some waves in high profile places. His walkout shirt is a signature design featuring bold, intricate graphics and inspirational sayings that match Edgar’s personality and fighting style perfectly. On the other side of the Octagon, we have Ben Henderson sponsored by Dethrone, a company whose growth has been unprecedented as of late. His walkout shirt is also a signature design, showcasing the same simple, laid-back style that “Smooth” utilizes in his fights. In this face-off between UFC walkout shirts, who reigns supreme, Frankie Edgar’s Fear the Fighter or Ben Henderson’s Dethrone shirt?

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FTF Edgar vs Dethrone Henderson

Fear the Fighter vs Dethrone at UFC 150 Main Event