Fighter Warehouse Funny MMA Shirt Collection

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Fighter Warehouse is a great place to find some of the best MMA clothing and gear around the web, and they also happen to make some of their own apparel. These humorous shirts that they’ve introduced have injected some sarcasm and fun into MMA apparel, similar to what Punch Buddies has done with some of their playful designs. They have three different tees that they offer, including the Enjoy a Choke, Got Jits?, and Submit Jiu-Jitsu’d Fresh shirts. They are all made of 100% tagless cotton, and only available on The Enjoy a Choke design is a spoof of the Coca-Cola slogan, Got Jits? is a play on the Got Milk campaign, and the Submit tee is a parody on the Subway promotions.

Enjoy a Choke Shirt | Front View

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Got Jits Shirt | Front View

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Submit Shirt | Front View

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