Forrest Griffin Walkout Shirt

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[letercaps]H[/letercaps]ayabusa’s official Forrest Griffin walkout shirt for his upcoming fight at UFC 148 is quite a different type of style than we’ve seen before from the popular MMA brand. The ‘Forrest monkey’ theme playfully jests at the former Light Heavyweight Champion for his self-proclaimed ‘ape-like’ looks. This whimsical design is actually quite simple, with the glaring, red-eyed monkey on the front along with Forrest’s name and the monkey’s backside on the rear with Hayabusa’s full logo. When he takes on Tito Ortiz on July 7th, show your support by sporting this Forrest Griffin walkout shirt from Hayabusa during the fight.

Forrest Griffin Walkout Shirt
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Forrest Griffin Walkout Shirt by Hayabusa for UFC 148

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