Frank Mir Walkout Shirt

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The UFC will be sponsoring their popular heavyweight title challenger Frank Mir for his epic five-round upcoming battle with recently crowned champion, Junior Dos Santos, in the form of a stellar walkout shirt. This walkout design is distinctly old school, which is reminiscent of Mir’s fighting style, which is basically, stop or be stopped. The front proudly displays the UFC logo in rustic, jagged, worn block lettering, showing that the promotion was established all the way back in 1993. “UFC Heavyweight Frank Mir” appears on the back, allowing you to show your support for the former champ as he makes his way back to the belt. This new design is released just in time for UFC 146 at the end of this month, so if you’re a Frank Mir fan, you can cheer him on while wearing the same tee he will walk out wearing for this amazing fight.

Frank Mir UFC 146 Walkout Shirt
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Frank Mir UFC 146 Walkout Shirt

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