Gawakoto Save the Earth Grappling Tights

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Popping onto the scene with stunning color and plenty of performance features to boot is a pair of Gawakoto grappling tights that will put the rest of your workout collection of apparel to shame. These Gawakoto Save the Earth grappling tights boast a multi-colored set of graphics that features AJ Mask (Art Junkie) wrestling against Uranium Man (Gawakoto). This limited edition design will keep your muscles warm and dry during even the most demanding workouts, and they will also protect against microbes that can cause ringworm and other infections. Be sure to scoop up a pair of these Gawakoto grappling tights while they’re available, and you won’t regret it.

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Gawakoto Save the Earth Grappling Tights - Purple

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