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The GSP Rushfit program is the ultimate home fitness program with 8 fun weeks of training with Georges St-Pierre workout and his trainer Erik Owings. Georges brings his training camp right into your own home – workout with GSP Rushfit and find out what intensity really is all about. You’ll gain strength and lean out in less time and be in the best shape of your life then you ever thought possible. Find out what it takes to be champion and learn from one of the best athletes on the planet.

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GSP Rushfit Review

Workout Guide

The guidelines in this book are crucial to your success in the GSP RUSHFIT training camp. Step by Step this guide will help transform your fitness in just 8 short weeks. Follow the GSP RUSHFIT workout guide to help you accomplish your goals regardless of sport, fitness level, age, or experience. To increase your performance, follow the guides and training calendars for maximum effect. All the plans and support you need to you achieve your goals. What are you waiting for?
GSP Rushfit Review

Nutrition Guide

Nutrition is a vital but often overlooked element of a training program. A tough training program puts high demands on your body. Answer the challenge by fueling with the best nutrients to boost your performance and keep you fueled for the right results. It’s as important to any workout program as exercise in order to maximize the return on your workouts. The guidelines in this book will help you increase your endurance and build the strength crucial to moving forward.
GSP Rushfit Review

Training Plans

Plan your training around your schedule, and chose from one of the workout calendars that meet your training needs. No matter where you’re coming from – new to working out or a professional MMA fighter – GSP RUSHFIT has the right fitness conditioning program schedule for you. Follow the program and raise your intensity over time to increase your results.
GSP Rushfit Review

Equipment Needed

GSP Rushfit is designed to challenge YOU. You will need a small assortment of dumbbells or hand held weights. We recommend sets that range from 2lbs to 25lbs. Regardless of ability level, it is unlikely that you’ll require more than 25lb weights. It’s not how much weight you lift! The secret to the results comes from endurance and strength built up by pushing your body through maximum reps – not maximum weight!

GSP RushFit Workouts:

GSP Rushfit Review

Strength & Endurance Workout

Georges Saint Pierre workout introduces you to MMA-style circuit training, a highly efficient and powerful form of easy-to-follow exercises. This circuit of strength exercises is performed one after another with little rest in between. Your muscles will work at a higher intensity. You’ll fight fatigue by building the endurance you need to go five rounds with GSP Rushfit.
GSP Rushfit Review

Abdominal Strength & Core Conditioning

Georges Saint Pierre workout MMA-style core training is broken down into five high intensity circuits specifically designed for greater balance and total body control. These movements train you to transfer power with maximum efficiency for total speed and higher impact. A strong core is key for your daily movements and essential for the best abs of your life.
GSP Rushfit Review

The Fight Conditioning Workout

This Georges Saint Pierre workout high intensity MMA-style circuit was designed to improve coordination and muscle memory and to help you resist fatigue. It’s not just about the size of your muscles it’s how you use them. Raise your total functional strength and performance with real fight techniques and get one of the best cardio workouts of your life.
GSP Rushfit Review

Explosive Power Training

Georges St-Pierre workout is renowned for his explosiveness – explosive muscles are powerful muscles. This workout is broken down into five high intensity circuits based on plyometric exercises. Explosive power training is a full body workout designed to increase strength and endurance and build the toughest body of your life.
GSP Rushfit Review

Full Body Strength & Conditionining

The secret to George Saint Pierre workout MMA fight training is maximizing the efficiency of his workouts. These five high intensity conditioning circuits will increase your peak performance. You’ll build pure stamina and reach your total physical potential. Gain ultimate conditioning to choke fatigue and build the best pound-for-pound body of your life.
GSP Rushfit Review

Bonus Workouts – Two Bonus GSP RUSHFIT Workouts

The first workout on this bonus DVD focuses on the stretching for flexibility to help prevent injury and accelerate muscle recovery. The second workout teaches balance and agility with a MMA-specific focus.

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