Hayabusa Chikara Recast Fight Shorts

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Hayabusa Chikara Recast Fight Shorts - Feature

Looking for a new pair of Hayabusa Fight Shorts to jump start the rest of the year? Based on the original Chikara Fight Shorts, a new revamped version springs to life: Hayabusa Chikara Recast Shorts.  A balanced combination comfort, quality, fit and performance the Hayabusa Fight Shorts envision style and quality in a perfect harmony.  Offering superior construction with exclusive mechanical poly directional stretch fabric, reinforced T3 stitching and permanent fiber-fused graphics for long lasting strength and durability.  Hayabusa has some of the top athletes under their roof and they understand what demands a perfessional fight needs in a pair of MMA Fight ShortsThe new edition features four stunning color options including red, yellow, blue and black.  Which color will you add to your MMA clothing lineup?

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